Why I Switched to Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair Care

Why I switched to a Natural Hair Care Routine

I know it’s not great to compare yourself to others, but I had serious hair envy on a daily basis. My tresses were thin, flat + oily and I was washing my hair every day (yes, I know – but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s got to do!) 🤷 Why am I telling you this? Because I’ve transitioned across to a natural hair care routine and, not to brag, but I kinda like my own hair now. It’s stronger, not oily at all and it seems to have more bounce.

Natural Hair Care Products

Why makes natural hair products so different?

Natural shampoos and conditioners are made with natural plant oils and herb extracts. These powerful ingredients have a tonne of benefits for the hair and scalp, not least of which being:

  • Promoting new hair growth by naturally stimulating the hair follicles
  • Maintaining healthy moisture levels by not stripping the hair and scalp of its natural oils
  • Improving the overall condition of your hair and scalp meaning healthier strands and less hair fall.

Why you should change to natural hair care?

I noticed a tonne of other differences between natural hair products and those that I had been using too.

  • They don’t contain Sulphates (SLS and SLES) so you won’t get the lather. You’ll also be skipping the irritants and dehydrated scalp and strands too – so I think I could do without a bit of foam!
  • They’re non-allergenic + suitable for all skin types including sensitive and allergy prone skin
  • They’re not packed with artificial fragrance, so they have a milder aroma. It’s almost offensive now to catch a whiff of some of the off the shelf products!
  • They don’t contain harsh chemicals, so are better for your hair and the planet.
  • Typical conditioners use silicones to coat the hair, giving it a sleek and slippery feel. While they sound great, they build up on the hair and act as a short-term fix by coating unhealthy strands. Natural conditioners don’t contain silicones; instead they use repairing ingredients that leave the hair shining with health.


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