Introducing MERE

About MERE


When I saw this write-up about MERE in Vogue, I knew this was one brand I couldn’t let slip me by. I have since fallen head over heels and am so excited to share this brand with our customers. 

Why MERE stood out

MERE Cleansing Oil
MERE Bio-Divergent Cleansing Oil Complex

I am first to admit that I am a walking contradiction. On one hand I’m time-poor. On the other I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with skincare and can easily wane away hours researching and testing products.

When I wasn’t watching, MERE went ahead and cleverly tapped into this sweet spot.

Their no-fuss, yet super effective, skincare range is just what this time-poor skincare junkie has been waiting for. Their pared back routines use multi-tasking products that work hard – in a nutshell, using less but better.

What’s more, their skincare routines make protecting your skin so straightforward.

Their Glow Routine is a 3-step (yes, you read that right!) ritual that ignites your skins natural illuminated beauty. This routine comprises of:

  • Cleansing Oil to remove dirt and purify without stripping your skin of its natural vibrance and glow.
  • Eye Cream to restore + protect the delicate skin around the eyes which ages quicker and loses hydration faster.
  • Revival Oil which delivers essential nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants into the skin without clogging pores.

The Mere Essentials 3-step routine activates the ultimate foundation of healthy skin. It combines Australia’s most advanced natural actives to elevate the beauty of bare skin from morning to night, acknowledging that your skin has very different needs throughout the course of a day.

At the Helm of the A-Beauty Charge

Mere Face Oil
Mere Resilience 8 Bio-illuminating Revival Oil

I am so excited that more brands and consumers are tapping into Australian native botanicals. And rightly so. Australia is home to the world’s most advanced and diverse natural ingredients. Many of which are capable of performing just as well, if not better than their synthetic counterparts.

At its core, MERE also use natural ingredients such as Prickly Pear, Kakadu Plum and Flame Tree to hydrate, regenerate and protect your skin. But they take it one step further with their trademarked Phytosphere complex, a multi-functional molecular blend of super natural extracts that work with the skin’s natural ecosystem to deliver the ultimate foundation of skin health. This Phytosphere complex is used in each of their formulas.

The MERE Difference

Mere Moisture Cream
Prime & Protect Hydrating Moisture Cream

Success today means standing out from the pack. Having a point of difference, if you will. I love brands that go out on a limb to spearhead new technologies and innovations or combine fresh native ingredients.

MERE doesn’t disappoint.

MERE is different from so many others. It’s about luxurious, yet pared-back skincare. Their clever blends of nature’s most powerful ingredients with science delivers seriously effective skincare. Even their Biophotonic glass packaging exceeded my expectations. It ensures each formula is delivered to the skin as fresh and active as the day it was made.

MERE is now available at Eco Beauty Sanctum. Click here to view their product range.