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About Us

Our ethos at Eco Beauty Sanctum is simple… ‘Natural. Nourishing. Effortless’.  We forage to bring you the best in natural, organic & vegan skin care to keep you at your radiant and balanced best.

I free-fell into the world of all things natural, organic and botanical with the birth of my first child. I spent countless hours researching and reading product reviews online. Making it my mission to track down effective products free from toxins, parabens, artificial colours, fragrances, silicones (… need I go on?) for his skin. Like so many before me, the fact that every morning I’d use layers of chemical to conceal the circles beneath my own eyes was overlooked. The contradiction at the time was almost as huge as my need to sleep.

And so began my steep journey of discovery. I soon learned that ‘natural’, didn’t necessarily mean ‘natural’ and that not all ‘organic’ products are created equal.  I laboured over products claiming to be cruelty-free, skin-loving, plant-derived, botanical, vegan and earth-friendly for longer than I’d care to mention.

My husband and I started Eco Beauty Sanctum to tear down the barriers to natural skincare for others. At Eco Beauty Sanctum, we’ve done the ground work on each of the products we sell, so you can trust that you’re nourishing yourself with the very best in natural skin and hair care.

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